Sanctity of Life in the Prolife Movement

Popular in prolife circles, the term “sanctity of life” describes the belief that all human life is sacred, from the moment of conception (even science has proven this is the instant the spark of new life begins) leading until an individual’s natural death.

Unfortunately, there are often other messages that accompany and serve to dilute the prolife delivery of a sanctity of life message. Many times a prolife delivery of a sanctity of life message carries spiritual, political, religious or patriotic undercurrents through its choice of words and imagery. This is fine, so long as the one experiencing the message subscribes to those additional views. The inherent problem is the potential alienation of anyone who stands outside those secondary belief systems.


The sanctity of life. It’s a term used to describe a deeply-held reverence for life, often used in regard to human life.

Regardless of a person’s health, age, socioeconomic status, race, creed, political alignment, religion, sex or nationality—regardless of any factors we use to separate ourselves from one another—when a deep inner reverence for human life can be achieved, the realization that all life has intrinsic value must inevitably follow. This manifesto seeks to:

  • Address the concept that all life—herein, human life—is sacred, worth honoring and worth protecting.
  • Analyze the way sanctity of life messages have traditionally been delivered.
  • Discuss and implement ways to expand the idea that all life is sacred until a global awakening is achieved.