How It All Began

One night, in a fit of rat race burnout, introspection and prayer, I found myself once again rolling around the question, “Am I doing enough?” That question is often accompanied by its cousins, “If not this, then what?” and, “How may I be of the greatest service?”

It was there, sitting in my darkened home office, that a whisper of an answer came to me. It brought me back to the familiar search for what truly ails society. It showed me the flagrant disrespect we too often have for ourselves and for one another.


“Respect” is a big word, really. If we have respect for ourselves, we take care of ourselves and our world as best we can; as best we know how. If we have respect for others, we take care of those around us as best we can; as best we know how.

It occurred to me in that moment a simple lack of respect was missing from the planet. Not the kind of respect that means courtesy, though that would be there naturally enough. I’m referring to the respect for ourselves and for one another, so complete, we hold a deep intrinsic truth that all people are worthy. Period.

If we all could realize that life had value and worth and–if we could hold that realization as an unshakable truth–how could a single crime ever again be committed against another?

How to return to that then? How to bring myself and others to the infallible idea that life is sacred and due the highest respect?

Well, the way I see it, one has to get clear on the idea before one can show it to others. So, some writing had to happen. Writing is a wonderful vehicle for clarifying your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Sharing that writing is a wonderful vehicle for getting feedback in the form of constructive criticism and differing viewpoints.

Enter this blog.

The Sanctity of Life Manifesto is intended to be a work in progress. I would like to see it become host to volumes of discussion on what a belief in the sanctity of life means.

More, I would like to know it helped someone come to the conclusion that respect was what they were missing and that respect will be what they now give of themselves to the world.

Peace of I,


About The Pro Sanctity of Life Website

The Pro Sanctity of Life website is intended to explore a series of human concepts with the goal of communicating the importance of respect and its place in our daily lives. Within these pages, it is my intention to deliver an intelligent, thoughtful and thorough insight into a global and relevant sanctity of life movement.

As this manifesto is crafted, I hope to illustrate the strengths and shortcomings of current sanctity of life efforts, as well as address death-related concepts like suicide, murder, abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia and martyrdom. During this endeavor, I will try my best to remain non-partisan, non-religious, non-prejudiced and objective.

Understand this, however: When an author sets out to make a point, it is nigh impossible to write from a pure, unbiased perspective, for it is the bias that drove the author to explore, research, ponder, analyze, idealize and wordsmith in the first place.

I will easily confess this document is written from my personal bias that

  • life is worth protecting, and
  • that a connected world with mutual respect for all would be a more ideal place to live than a disconnected world where life is squandered in war, abortion and other non-creative, social maladies.

A Little About Me

Some of my past and present roles in life:

Pro Sanctity of Life authorFather of four amazing children, husband to my vivacious wife, marketing consultant, project manager, small business owner, published author, speaker, college grad, computer industry refugee, web designer, employer, voter, graphic artist, counselor, emancipated Catholic, spiritual student, past Right to Life affiliate president, business activist, volunteer, sponsor, civil servant, weekend closet video gamer, teacher, schemer, dreamer, track star in my own mind, contractor, uncle, nephew, cousin, brother, son, grandson, friend, lover of movies and books, risk-taker, mistake-maker, martial artist, rock-climber, serial entrepreneur and advocate for a global culture of profound respect for all.

If you would like to contact me, you may do so through by leaving a comment anywhere on this blog or by emailing me at iam (at) prosanctityoflife (dot) com.


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